Brazil: Arrival in Rio

As we land in Rio after an uneventful ten hour flight, I pinch myself to make sure that I am not in some strange dream. If you had told me during my formative years that I would one day visit this corner of the globe, I would have said that you’re talking to the wrong… Continue reading Brazil: Arrival in Rio

Brazil: Missed Connections

I arrive at the airport feeling cautiously optimistic that today’s inclement weather will not adversely affect my impending trip to Brazil. Despite the persistent presence of flurries, there does not appear to be a significant accumulation of snow on the runways. Another hopeful sign is that nearly every flight departing Boston today has done so… Continue reading Brazil: Missed Connections

Norwegian Hospitality

One of the things I’ve been pleasantly surprised by while traveling around Norway is how common the English language is here. Upon discovering that I am from out of town, Norwegians immediately switch over to English and converse with me with barely a hint of an accent. These impressive linguistic skills are not an accident… Continue reading Norwegian Hospitality

Norway: Blondes Have More Fun

One of the first things a visitor to Oslo will notice while walking along its charming streets is the sheer number of blonde haired people who reside here. Growing up in the US, it was not Norway but Sweden that was always referenced to as the land of beautiful buxom blondes. Yet when I finally… Continue reading Norway: Blondes Have More Fun

Norway: Train Ride to Oslo

I’m filled with an abundance of excitement this morning as I pack up my belongings and head on over to the Bergen train station. Lasting about seven hours, the journey to Oslo is said to be one of the most scenic train rides in all of Europe. This initial excitement of mine, however, has taken… Continue reading Norway: Train Ride to Oslo

Norway: The Scandinavian Breakfast

I’ve begun to notice a pattern emerging with regards to my eating habits while travelling abroad. For the first two days of most trips, I will inevitably dine on American breakfast fare such as bacon and eggs, home fries, and pancakes. On the third day, however, my stomach will inform me in no uncertain terms… Continue reading Norway: The Scandinavian Breakfast

Norway: Lost in Bergen

As I arrive at Bergen’s city center after a short bus ride from the airport, it begins to dawn on me that I am not certain as to where my hotel is located. I know the name of it and that it is situated in a fairly central location. However, I apparently forgot to mark… Continue reading Norway: Lost in Bergen