Stockholm: Unexpected Sights

Upon embarking on any trip, I will inevitably have an experience that helps shed light on the culture of the country I am visiting. These encounters usually occur quite unexpectedly and are rarely the kind mentioned in guide books. Stockholm, unsurprisingly, is no exception to this rule. As I walk south from my centrally located… Continue reading Stockholm: Unexpected Sights

Stockholm: English, Fast Food, and Hollywood

One of the things you notice fairly quickly when travelling in Scandinavia is that everyone is able to speak English. And when I say everyone, I mean you will not come across a single person who does not speak it. Not only that, people here talk with very little accent and are often easier to… Continue reading Stockholm: English, Fast Food, and Hollywood

Stockholm: Vasa, Skansen, and ABBA

As is the case with most expeditions I embark on, visits to museums make up a large percentage of my activities. Not surprisingly, my time here in Stockholm will be no different. The three institutions I am most keen on visiting this go around are the Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open Air Museum, and the… Continue reading Stockholm: Vasa, Skansen, and ABBA

Stockholm: The Nobel Prize

Upon arriving in Sweden, I grab my backpack and make my way to the airport shuttle. Built in 1999, the Arlanda Express transports passengers from Sweden’s rural cow country to the bustling city center of Stockholm. This train ride is both quiet and smooth and arrives at our destination in only 20 minutes. This is… Continue reading Stockholm: The Nobel Prize