Norway: Lost in Bergen


As I arrive at Bergen’s city center after a short bus ride from the airport, it begins to dawn on me that I am not certain as to where my hotel is located. I know the name of it and that it is situated in a fairly central location. However, I apparently forgot to mark it down on my map. No bother, Bergen is a fairly small city and I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding my way. Thirty minutes have come and gone and I am still not sure as to where my accommodations are located. I finally admit defeat and enter the lobby of the nearest hotel I can find in order to ask for directions. The young man seated behind the concierge desk is incredibly polite and hands me a map of the city with my hotel highlighted. I thank him profusely for his assistance and head on over to my lodgings knowing that I must be sure to avoid situations like these in the future.



Upon reaching my hotel room, I am taken aback by its relative spaciousness. Compared to the walk in closet that I will staying at in Oslo, this place feels like a royal suite. After dropping off my belongings and grabbing a quick shower to re-invigorate myself, I head back outside to further explore the city. My goal for the rest of the day is to see as much as possible before the sun begins to set. Before I can check out any of the sights, however, my stomach politely reminds me that it has been more than ten hours since I’ve last had a solid meal. Sightseeing will unfortunately have to be put on hold as I instead seek out sustenance. I think it is only proper on my first day here in Bergen to experience some of the local cuisine. As luck would have it, I spot a fish market along the waterfront and head on inside to see what they have to offer. I have clearly chosen well as this place seems to have every imaginable aquatic creature ready to order. After much deliberation, I order a piece of broiled halibut along with a side of fries and a salad. While my meal is being prepared, I sit down at one of the tables and take in the atmosphere of fresh fish, comfy chairs, and great views of the harbor. Upon taking one bite of the halibut, I can easily say that it is the best piece of fish I have ever eaten. As my meal concludes, I motion to the waitress that I would like to get my check and assume that I will be paying between fifteen to twenty dollars. After converting my bill to US currency, I am a bit shocked to learn that I will instead be paying a little over thirty dollars. As a result, I think I’ll be sticking with street food for the remainder of this trip.



With my belly full and the bill paid, I depart the fish market to see what sights I can visit before the day comes to an end. Yet despite it being seven o’clock in the evening, the sun is still shining like it’s two o’clock in the afternoon. It then occurs to me that we are not too far from the Artic Circle. As a result, the sun stays out close to nine o’clock during these long Spring days. Since most of the stores and museums have closed for the evening, I instead take a walk around the harbor and snap a few photos. It is now 8:00 PM and I think it is best that I head back to the hotel. Considering that I did not sleep a wink on the plane ride over, it’s probably best that I get to bed early and get some extra sleep for my busy day tomorrow.

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